High Pressure Cleaning

Wondered if high pressure cleaning really gives good results?

As a homeowner who knows the importance of how your property appears, it is expected that you’d be interested in finding out the latest and most advanced ways of cleaning your home.

Our external house cleaning services use biodegradable and non-toxic methods to clean and rejuvenate the external surfaces of your home.

No chemicals used in the entire process!

  • High pressure cleaning is highly effective, safe and water efficient
  • The cleaning products we use are specially manufactured to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff
  • This technique of cleaning the home is effective and there is absolutely no chemical used in the entire process

There are no harmful fumes or liquids that anyone at home may inhale or come to skin contact. High pressure cleaning is not only safe for people, it also doesn’t damage the environment surrounding your home.

The pressurized system we use combines water and air for high pressure force, minimizing water wastage. Only a small amount of water is used to clean the surfaces you request.

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