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At The House Washer, we ensure that all of our products are biodegradable and non-toxic, while still providing that sparkling clean finish you desire.

All of our materials are manufactured to ensure the health and safety of our customers, and our staff! Reliable and quality Brisbane house washing services may be hard to come by, but customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do. We ensure the highest standard of work are applied and met to each and every job that we attend, so that our customers feel confident knowing there’s a house washer they can trust.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane house washing service that’ll give your home the pick-up that it needs, contact The House Washer! We believe in cleaning houses the old fashion way, while providing a stunning, sustainable, and cost-effective solution.

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Our professional house washer team will bring the exterior of your home back to life, making is look as good as it did when it was new.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our customer’s satisfaction is important. We ensure the highest standards are applied and met to each and every job that we undertake.

What Do We Offer

Maintaining the concrete around the exterior of your home is an essential necessity in its upkeep and prolonging the longevity. For homes with gardens, trees, or dirt nearby, this is especially important as it removes grime, stains, and build up. Our pressure washing service is the perfect solution for bringing your concrete surfaces back to life!

Our concrete cleaning service removes:
– Grime
– Mould
– Mildrew
– Bacteria
– Built-up dirt
– Animal droppings
– and more…

Driveways are one of the most commonly used areas of the home – but also one of the more often neglected. An aged or dirty looking driveway can really affect your homes curb appeal, but with our pressure washing service, your driveway will look brand new again.

Our driveway cleaning services include:
– Residential driveways
– Commercial driveways
– Apartment building driveways
– Hotel driveways
– High rise driveways
– Business driveways
– Factory driveways
– and more…

We know how time consuming washing your home can be, which is why we are Brisbanes leading specialists in house washing Brisbane wide. We like to tackle cleaning the old fashion way: by hand, and with dedicated hard work and immaculate attention to detail.

Our House Washing Service includes:
– Soft Pressure Cleaning
– Patio Cleaning
– Tile Cleaning
– Driveway Pressure Cleaning
– Cement Pressure Cleaning
– and more…

Bringing your home back to life is typically and expensive decision, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The House Washer offers a professional and cost effective external house washing Brisbane service that works to completely restore the look of your beautiful home.

Our External House Cleaning:
– House Washing
– High Pressure Cleaning
– Concrete Cleaning
– Driveway Cleaning
– Window Cleaning
– and more…

Our pressure cleaning services are perfect for enhancing the look of a variety of surfaces around your home. Without the use of toxic chemicals, our cost-effective and water-efficient pressure cleaning is done using a water and air, soft-wash pressure system that will refresh the look of your home.

Our High-Pressure Cleaning Service includes:
– Residential Homes
– Commercial Properties
– Factories (Internal & External)
– Apartment Buildings
– High Rise Buildings
– Sheds (Internal & External)
– Warehouses (Internal & External)
– and more…

Cleaning the windows of your home is a time consuming task, and for multi-story homes, it can be especially daunting. We offer a professional and efficient window cleaning service that’ll have your windows sparkling and crystal clear in no time.

Our Window Cleaning Service includes:
– Residential Homes
– Multi-Level Homes
– Apartment Buildings
– Commercial Buildings
– Factories
– and more…

Why Choose The House Washer?

At The House Washer, we ensure that all the products we use within your home are environmentally friendly. We use biodegradable and non-toxic solutions that work by cleaning and improving the surfaces of your property. Our team prides themselves on customer satisfaction with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring we provide only the highest of quality when it comes to our pressure washing and house washing services.

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