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The House Washer, is a Brisbane based house washing business providing leading edge cleaning solutions to the greater Brisbane area.

Our business prides itself on ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied with our service. This ensures we maintain the highest standards and apply this to each and every job. Being one of the most experienced and reputable exterior house cleaners in Brisbane, The House Washer continues to provide the best house washing services to Brisbane residents.

  • High-Rise Commercial Buildings
  • Factories
  • Government Offices
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Residential Properties (all types and sizes)
  • Commercial Carparks
  • and more…

The Truth Behind Our Success?

We clean the old-fashioned way, without fuss! With over 10 years’ experience, many of our customers return to us year after year thanks to our high standards of work and attention to detail.

At the end of the day, our success comes down to hard work, safe washing chemicals and a good old fashion scrub with soft brooms. But that’s just the thing that’s necessary for us to deliver the amazing results that our customers love.

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As a company:

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our cleaning services for our Brisbane customers via new technologies. As such, we have developed our own cleaning solution that is environmentally safe and non-toxic, so it will still make your house sparkle, but won’t harm your plants or pets!

We are committed to constantly re-evaluating our standards, to improve the quality of products and services and deliver the results that you expect from us.

We don’t cheat, so if some stubborn grime needs to be scrubbed twice, so be it. That’s the only way to maintain the high standards that we promise to deliver.

We work hard – we have two men to scrub every inch of your property by hand, so that we can guarantee perfection on every job.

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