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Why You Should Avoid a DIY House Wash!

There’s no doubt about it…. your house will look like new after a thorough house wash!  Not only will an exterior house wash make your home look fantastic, it is also important for the upkeep of your home.  With the rising cost of living in Brisbane and other Australian cities, many people attempt a DIY house wash to save money. What many people don’t realise is how challenging cleaning the exterior of a house can be! While a DIY house wash may save you money in the short term, generally in the long term it will cost you more.  Cleaning the exterior of your home yourself is more likely to result in injuries and accidents which can cause damage to your property or to yourself!  In addition, you will most likely find that a DIY house wash will need to be done more frequently because the clean is not as thorough as it would be after a professional clean.

Here are a few reasons why we don’t recommend a DIY house wash!

1.  Accidents happen!

You can’t clean the exterior of your home without a ladder, and unfortunately, a lot of accidents happen when ladders are used! In Australia, there are a lot of accidents and even deaths that occur when people fall off ladders!  Another factor to consider is whether your insurance would cover you if you had an accident while cleaning the exterior of your home.

As professionals in the house washing industry, some of our customers have told us about accidents from the past that have occurred from a DIY job. One of our customers recently sent us some photos of her husbands’ legs which got ripped apart after he fell off his ladder while trying to wash his house!  He was wearing thongs and was only 2 rungs up on the ladder!

Other injuries that can occur include:

  • falling off the ladder.
  • ladder falling or closing on you!
  • water bucket falling from a big height!
  • injuries from high-pressure cleaners.
  • Chemical burns or chemicals in the eyes
  • High-pressure cleaners can cause a lot of damage to both people and their home if used incorrectly!

If you want to avoid accidents like these, get in contact with The House Washer.  They offer professional, friendly service at a surprisingly reasonable price!

2. Washing with cold water

Our years of hands-on industry experience means that we know how to do our job well and get the best results possible!  Something that we’ve learnt during our years of industry experience is the benefit of using hot water when washing your home.  Cleaning your home with cold water means that you never really get rid of the mould and mildew that appears on the surface of your home.  Cleaning with hot water removes a lot more grime, mould and mildew than any cold wash ever would. By not effectively removing mould and mildew with a hot wash, you will find that it will grow back really quickly and you will need to do a house wash really often to keep your house looking amazing!

3. Inappropriately using your high-pressure cleaner

High-pressure cleaners are wonderful things when used in the correct way and on the right surface. If used on the wrong surface, they can cause some serious damage.  They can blow paint or render off the walls and they can push water up and under weatherboards and into your home if used incorrectly.  This is one of the reasons why The House Washer In Brisbane washes houses the old fashioned way… by hand and with a brush!  We also find that our attention to detail and dedication combined with cleaning by hand produces some great results!  Generally, we find that scrubbing with a brush will scour off more dirt than water pressure alone!

4. Missing the hard to reach places

If you choose to do a DIY house wash, you risk missing the hard to reach places. Without the right equipment, it can be hard to give your house a really thorough external clean.  Our team at The House Washer have years of experience behind them and can expertly clean every inch of your house…. even the hard to reach places!

5.Chemical dangers

Cleaning chemicals can be really dangerous when used incorrectly.  They can burn the skin and the eyes if the right precautions are not taken.  Using the wrong chemical on the wrong surface can cause damage that cannot be reversed.  If the house is not adequately prepared, chemicals can be sprayed through window and door cracks destroying curtains, clothes and furniture.

If you want your house to look its best, contact Peter, The House Washer in Brisbane.  You will be amazed to see how our external house cleaning service can transform the appearance of your home!  For a friendly, reliable service you can trust, contact The House Washer!



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