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Why Choosing The House Washer is The Best Choice You Will Make

When searching for any company or service, experience, reliability and professionalism are always key things to look for. When you choose The House Washer for your house cleaning services you’ll be working with a company that is all these things and more.

Over the last 10 years, The House Washer staff have enjoyed building rapports with our Brisbane customers.  Here are just some of the reasons why our customers keep coming back.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small for The House Washer in Brisbane

If you have a house or a building that requires professional exterior cleaning services, call us for a quote! No job is too big or to small! Whether you require gutter cleaning, window cleaning, roof cleaning, a concrete cleaner or just a house wash, we can help!

Whether your wanting cleaning services for your residential property, commercial property, government building, transport infrastructure, car parks, or commercial high-rise buildings, we can help!

Our Experience Will Make the World of Difference

We have more than 10 years experience in the house washing industry. Our staff are expertly trained, and can complete any exterior cleaning service you require, to a professional standard.

Most of our customers are repeat customers, they know they can rely on us to get the job done right, every time.

Innovation is Important to Us

As a company that offers exterior cleaning services to our customers, we constantly try to improve our processes and look for better chemicals. As our search for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly chemicals left us without many options, we decided to create one of our own. When you worth with us, you can be assured our methods and our chemicals are safe and second to none.

We Take Pride in Our Work

The House Washer staff take pride in their work, always going the extra mile to finish any one of our cleaning services to an exceptional standard. We’re committed to our customers, and committed to getting the job done properly. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Call The House Washer today for a free quote, and see the difference a professional cleaning service can make to your property.

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