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Deck Maintenance Solutions for a Stunning Patio

If your home has a timber deck, you know how great they are for entertainment, quality time with family and friends, increased property value and the overall exterior aesthetic. But what comes with your new deck is routine patio maintenance to keep it looking fresh, lasting longer, and in good health. Think of this installation as an investment, as that’s exactly what it is – which means the money you spent to have it implemented requires time and effort to keep it in its peak condition.

Wood deck maintenance is crucial as the timber is battling the Australian elements every single day – it doesn’t have to take weeks and upkeep isn’t as difficult as you might think. In this blog, we’ll be listing off the best ways to maintain your deck, ensuring it’s durable, in impeccable condition, and lasts its whole life through.

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How to: Deck Maintenance


General Upkeep

Much like anything throughout life, small problems can turn into major issues. Preventative maintenance is an important fundamental when it comes to patio maintenance. Generally, upkeep is an easy-to-do chore and doesn’t take long to resolve at all. Save yourself the risk of being out of pocket by easily getting on top of issues such as:

Damaged timber boards

Over time, your deck is going to show signs of wear and tear from being out in the open every day. Through rain, hail, and sunshine, this material is battling the elements like you wouldn’t believe. This means the timber will slowly begin to loosen over time or split and show damage that need repair. Resecuring or replacing the board is simple enough to do and prevents any further problems from becoming evident.


For decks that have been around for a while, older wood will begin to crack. This can be due to impact damage or simply from being exposed to the harsh Australian climate. Not all cracks are going to cause structural weaknesses on your deck, but more often than not, it will – which is why it’s important to get this rectified as cracks only worsen as time goes on.

Nails, screws, nuts & bolts

As we’ve mentioned, wear and tear along with cracks in timber boards cause structural weakness. Because of this, nails and screws will become loose and start to protrude, causing nothing short of a hazard for anyone who walks out onto the deck including pets. This is one of the most important parts of deck maintenance, ensuring all nails are secure and doing their job.

Sanding, Sealing & Staining

If you’re planning to stain your deck, it’s highly crucial that you give it a good sand beforehand. This allows the wood to better absorb the coating and offers the advantage of a smoother surface for those bare feet and furry friends who are going to be spending time in the outdoors. Get in touch with a reliable professional for something like this, because there are a few little technical pieces of knowledge that is needed

Pressure Washing

This is only recommended once a year, as it gets rid of any build up of dirt, mildew, and even algae growth. Pressure washing your deck as a form of wood deck maintenance that keeps the patio area in peak condition for longer. While doing this, though, it’s important to understand how to do it properly. Don’t hold the nose of the gurney too close to the timber, as this can etch away at the wood, causing the fibers to splinter and making the surface porous and susceptible to rot, mold and more. For pressure washing, it’s always better to engage a professional to ensure it’s being done safely, and the right way.

Fading & Discolouration

Something that many homeowners don’t think to do is rearranging their outdoor furniture. Why is this a recommendation? Because being outside, the sun is always beaming onto your deck, meaning it’s going to fade the colour of the timber over time. Rearranging your outdoor furniture ensures your deck doesn’t show signs of uneven discolouration or patchy colour gradients. Not only that, but it prevents water from gathering in one spot and causing damage.

This is also important for areas of your deck that have foliage resting against the timber. Trimming the greenery away will prevent staining, rotting, along with mold and moss from forming in one spot every time.

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