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Does Pressure Washing Concrete Damage it?

The straight answer to this question is yes, pressure washing CAN damage your concrete, but only if its done incorrectly – which is why we recommend always engaging a professional to ensure your concrete is cleaned the right way.

Something that we’re all familiar with is how dirt and grime can build up on concrete after battling the elements for a period of time. But everyone asks the same question: does pressure washing damage concrete and how can we prevent it?

Pressure washing any sort of concrete surface is the best way to remove buildup and wear, bringing it back to its former glory as if it were only just poured and set. In this blog, we’ll be listing ways that pressure washing damages concrete when not handled with care and discussing the importance of contacting a professional such as The House Washer.

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Hoe Does Pressure Washing Damage Concrete?

The Wrong Nozzle

The nozzle you attach to a pressure washer is going to play a vital role in its performance, and attaching the wrong one without knowledge of how it performs can be a major risk factor to concrete. The rule of thumb when it comes to knowing which nozzle to use, is that the higher the number, the less narrow the nozzle is going to be, and the force of the spray reduces. We understand that force may seem like it’ll provide a better result, but it’s all about what the impact of the water is doing that is important.

Excessive Pressure

Another common reason for concrete damage is using excessive pressure. People think that using enough force is going to pick up the dirt and grime from the porous surface, and although it makes sense, it’s not the right way to go. Standing about three metres away from where you’re wanting to start washing is the best course of action, and once the water has started flowing you can step a little closer until you’re at an appropriate distance. But remember, do not stand so close that the nozzle is 30 centimetres or less to the surface.

Hose to Surface Ratio

Aiming a little higher than where you want the water to hit is the best place to start. A pressure washer and house cleaning professional will use 3,000 psi to pressure clean a concrete surface, anything more will start to pose a risk to the product, even more so to concrete that is in a weakened condition. Another important fundamental that a specialist will always prioritise is moving the nozzle of the hose in one consecutive direction, ensuring there are no strange markings, patterns, or lines after cleaning.

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