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Driveways are often a neglected part of your home, though they are the most commonly used and prominent feature of your property. If your driveway is looking aged, dirty or dated, The House Washer offers a professional driveway cleaning service that will have your Brisbane home’s entrance shinning like new once more.

  • Residential Driveways
  • Commercial Driveways
  • Apartment Building Driveways
  • Hotel Driveways
  • High Rise Driveways
  • Business Driveways
  • Factory Driveways
  • and more…

Attending to your driveway on a regular basis is essential to maintaining its appearance and longevity. Getting your driveway cleaned periodically, especially in the leafy city of Brisbane, is a vital part of your homes maintenance. No matter the size, style or condition of your Brisbane driveway, The House Washer has you covered.

The frequency of your driveway cleaning needs will depend on the surroundings of your home. As a general rule, the more trees that you have lining your driveway, the more often it will need to be cleaned. Other factors, such as frequency of use, surface material, exposure to the elements and more, will also affect how often your Brisbane property will need a driveway washing service.

  • Grime
  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Built-up dirt
  • Animal droppings
  • and more…
brisbane high pressure cleaning

Cleaning the driveway yourself can be a daunting task, especially as a correct clean requires special pressure cleaning equipment. The House Washer has all of the necessary specialised equipment plus the skills and expertise to ensure a quality and efficient driveway clean.

We take all of the hard work out of getting your driveway cleaned! Once we’re done, you won’t believe the difference it will make to the look of your Brisbane home. As trained professionals in the house cleaning industry, not only do we have years of hands-on experience, but we have the skills and dedication to quality that you need to receive a guaranteed pristine driveway cleaning.

From residential to commercial driveways, we have the skills to take care of it all! Our professional cleaning services make cleaning all aspects of your Brisbane property’s exterior an easy to-do.

Getting your driveway cleaned by The House Washer is the most time-efficient, cost-efficient, results guaranteed way to have your Brisbane home looking like new again!

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