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The House Washer, a Brisbane based house washing and cleaning business, run by Peter Skinner, provides leading edge cleaning solutions to the greater South East Queensland. We clean the old-fashioned way, without complications! With over 10 years’ experience, many of our customers return to us year after year from our high standards of work and supreme attention to detail. Although we hate to say it, most of it comes down to elbow grease, the right chemical and a good old fashion scrub with soft brooms, but that is what’s necessary for us to deliver the amazing results that our customers love.

Scrub brush being used to clean a brick wall | Featured image for 10 Tips on Preparing for a House Wash.

10 Tips on Preparing for a House Wash

Whether you’re aiming to enhance your property’s street appeal for sale or simply wish to rejuvenate its appearance, professional exterior house washing can significantly transform your property. Experience the remarkable difference as our Brisbane-based house washing service revitalises your home, leaving it immaculately clean and refreshed. To maximise the benefits of our service, we offer …

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